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  Cal-Bazaar: Cal-Bazaar is a Business-To-Consumer(B2C) e-commerce product developed on MS commerce 2000 
              for rapid and customized deployment of stores on the internet that scale with the needs of a business and integrate
               with their existing systems and data. Cal-Bazaar provides the ability to easily analyze and manage business operations of a
                store. It includes sophisticated administrative and analytical capabilities and a real-time feedback loop that empowers
                 business managers to respond to the changing needs of customers.
   Cal-epm: Cal-EPM is all about effective Enterprise project management in large organizations with
                    minimal repetitive effort from the team members and project managers, but yielding maximum results. All facets of
                     project management such as resources, project costs, allocation details, project overruns etc can all be analyzed
                      and managed from a central store and customized if required by implementation teams. Keeping project costs down,
                       most effectively utilizing resources and maximizing profitability in projects are the prime factors, which would
                        need the company to implement such an Enterprise Project Management(EPM) solution.
    Cal-estate: This is a state of art Real Estate Package. It's main objective is to provide an
                      Interactive Infrastructure Application Package for sales, Online Booking and maintenance of a flat depending upon
                      the request made by the customer or by the agent.
    Cal-hospital: Cal-Info's healthcare solution is built after doing a careful study of many
                      hospitals, interacting with and studying the process flows of all departments within the organizations. Cal-Info
                     has then selected a scalable and cost-effective architecture and put together best of breed software
                     modules to provide a flexible solution.
   Cal-hotel: A product to suit the business and management needs of a hotel or resort,
                  designed with a range of features offers an enterprise solution for comprehensive IT implementation using current
                 software technologies and expertise.